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Gregg Whitfield Painting Paso Robles, Ca.

Choosing to paint your home or office is one of the best ways to protect your investment. As a homeowner or occupant, it is prudent to preserve the integrity of your home by preserving and protecting the surfaces of the house structure. There is more to painting the interior and or exterior of a home than just choosing a great color spectrum. First, you need to hire an experienced professional. The amount of supplies, needed to properly paint a home is daunting. Adhesives,caulk, sealant, patch and repair, paint thinners, removers, cleaners, drop cloths, tools, rollers, brushes, trays, protective wraps, tape, scaffolding, ladders, etc. All these are needed before the paint goes on! The fun of painting your home is choosing your colors, and leaving the messy work with me; your hired professional. I Use the highest quality paint sold. (Most sold in local stores in our area.) Behr and Ralph Lauren paint sold at Home depot, Valspar paint and Olympic stain from Lowes, Benjamin Moore, Sherwin William's, and Frazee are all companies I buy supplies from. Additionally, I have close working relationships with the paint representatives from these companies, who are a great resource for any problem solving unique to your home.

I take the same care painting my clients home as I would my own home. As a long time resident of San Luis Obispo County, I am quite familiar with the unique qualities of the Central Coast area. When I paint a home, I strive to consider these features, to compliment your home with it's surroundings.

The houses in Paso Robles are as diverse as it's history. In the past 28 years I have painted many of the ranch homes gracing the areas rolling foothills, and vineyard estates of the Central Coast wineries. There are also the stately victorian homes along Vine Street, as well as the modest family homes of the old town, first inhabited by patrons of the healing hot springs back in 1864. I have painted many homes in the new housing expansions of this growing city we locals simply call "Paso". All these homes produce the flavor unique to this spanish named settlement "El Paso De Robles" or "Pass of the Oaks".

In addition to the cosmetic considerations of painting a home, I have to factor in the the weather's influence upon a structure. There are different types of surface preparations that need to be applied depending upon the climate one's home is subjected to. A home in an inland community is subject to expansion problems due to the extreme temperature variances. These homes need to be properly prepared with products especially formulated to preserve and/or repair cracked and sun damaged surfaces. Repairing weather damaged surfaces is a critical step in preserving the structural integrity of your home. As a homeowner, you should be certain your professional addresses those problem areas on your house.

I am a licensed, fully bonded and insured painting contractor, who believes quality produces repeat business. Our crews' painting process is well developed and understood for optimal quality of service. I have many references which back my claims of quality workmanship, and a picture sampling of some of the homes and businesses I have painted in Paso Robles,and San Luis Obispo county.

I pride myself in honoring your specific needs through honest communication and business practices. You will hire a work friendly, informative and reliable professional when you choose Gregg Whitfield Painting to embellish your home.

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