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Painting and Staining Tips

Exterior Stain Bases

Oil Based

Oil based stains are typically a combination of alkyd resins and linseed or tung oil. Along with these oils is pigmenting agents and Ultra Violet protectants for lasting color and protection. Exterior wood stains have great wood penetration but will oxidize faster than other products which will make it necessary for more frequent applications.

The finished look of oil base applications are generally more even in color and appearance. Be aware, oil bast products are toxic, noxious and flammable.

Water Based

Water based stains are a mixture of acrylic or latex resins. These products are thinner than house paint and allow better penetration into the wood. Water based stains dry quickly and form a protective film on the surface of the wood.

An additional choice is oil with acrylic, available in semi-transparent and solid. Water and oil generally doesn't mix but paint manufactures have found a way to make it work with this product. The benefits are better penetration than acrylic alone, water clean up and better stability.
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