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Interior House Painting Preparation

The easiest rooms or surface to paint are in good condition and need only minor wall prep for painting. This is not always the case and sometimes more extensive preparation must be done to get things ready for painting.

Protecting and covering surfaces to be left unpainted is always the first step to begin painting. This first step includes moving the furniture away from the walls toward the center of the room and covered with plastic. If possible, remove as much furniture from the room. The less obstacles the easier the room is to paint.

Repair can be pulling a few nails no longer needed for hanging pictures or other objects and filling small holes with light weight spackle. Minor cracks in the walls can be filled with the same spackle or caulk.

At the same time it is best to check the caulking around windows and where the trim meets the wall, this includes all of the base boards and casings. If the trim of the room is painted it should be recaulked with a good siliconized acrylic caulk.

Minor stains on the surfaces of the walls needing paint should be washed with mild soap and water. If the staines can't be removed by washing they should be primed with a stain blocking primer. Now the interior painting can start.
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