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Elastomeric Paint

The Best Exterior Paint For Stucco and Masonry

Elastomeric paint is very thick paint that can be applied to stucco, masonry and concrete block. It forms a durable, tough film that provides a waterproof coating to almost any structure and is resistant to sunlight, heat, cold and wind driven rain. Elastomeric can alse be used on wood and T-111 siding. It's like a paintable caulk that creates a bulletproof armor for these surfaces.

You can eliminate cracking in masonry and many types of wood by using a very thick coating of Elastomeric. Coatings of Elastomeric have tremendous stretching characteristics and will bridge and repair non-structural hairline cracks. This can be very useful here in California where there are frequent earthquakes.

This is the perfect paint for stucco siding that has developed numerous cracks over time. Wood surfaces, such as T-111 siding will also receive great benefits from Elasto as T-111 siding tends to develop cracks over time, these imperfections should be completely filled with primer and paint or water will penetrate into the wood and cause swelling and later peeling of the paint.
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