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Wooden Deck Refinishing with Sealers and Stains

Maintenance and Care

Deck sealers and wood stains are generally penetrating, transparent coatings. They are not solid color stains that leave film finishes on the surface or paint. After the wood of the deck has been prepped thoroughly and the deck staining products are applied properly, they will last for many years. The tint or color in a stain or sealer can act as a ultra violet light absorbent, which helps prevent the damaging effects of the sun from discoloring the wood. Depending on your environment, you can expect all deck stains or sealers to last 18 to 36 months on the horizontal surfaces and twice as long on the vertical surfaces.

A maintenance schedule of 1-3 years is the best practice for most wood decks. The possible longevity from a deck finish is dependent on the initial preparation, choice of deck stain, weather, and the exposure to sunlight. Not to mention unforeseen accidental damages.

Professional surface preparation such as pressure washing with a water blaster or sanding prior to applying the finish is critical and can never be overlooked.

Before washing or sanding can take place mildew and mold must be removed. One should never apply any finish over mold or mildew.

To remove mildew and mold from a deck's surface bleach is applied to kill the spores and power washed to clean and rinse the wood. A wood brightener or deck cleaner can also be used.
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