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Paint Colors

The Right Paint Color for Your Home

A well chosen paint color can revitalize every part of your home, from the exterior trim and siding to the interior's ceilings and walls. This gives your house a brand new look. With an unlimited array of house paints and colors with many manufactures, multiple sheen levels and various paint products, the possible combinations of house painting colors can leave the average person at a total loss.

Choosing a house paint color is the part that most people have the greatest trouble with. House painting is relatively simple to understand but selecting a paint color can be extremely difficult.

The challenge is to find the best colors that fit your style and ambitions while maintaining a color scheme that you enjoy or to increase your homes real estate value.

Getting the paint color decision for your home right the first time is always best but fortunately paint is not all that expensive and, unless the colors being used are extravagant, the color can be easily changed with a few more gallons of paint.

Paint Colors

Painting Colors 101

Hue, value, saturation and temperature are the basic principles of color. When you combine these four all color combinations can be produced.

Hue is a pure color. All colors you see and can imagine come from hues or pure colors ( red, green, blue, and yellow ). Typically the term is applied to combinations of these primary colors with different values, saturation, lightness and brightness. Hue is a favorite term of decorators to indicate the variants of these paint colors.

Value refers to the lightness or darkness of a particular color. A paint's value is determined by the amount of white, gray or black tint that is added to the original paint's color. When you choose between light, medium or dark colors you are choosing between different color values. Tone, shade or tint can also refer to this same concept of color value.

Saturation or color intensity is the measurement of the brightness of a paint's color. Saturation is a measurement of whether a color is bright or dull, vibrant or colorless. Desaturated hues are generally used for the body of a house on the exterior, or the wall color in the interior of a home. Highly saturated or more intense colors are used for accents, trim or doors.

The temperature of a color is generally on a range between color and hot or warm and cool. Reds, oranges and yellows are seen as warm or hot colors. Blues and green are cooler colors. Neutral colors can be a beige or a mixture of warm and cool together. The temperature of a paint color can help set the mood or atmospher of a home and can affect your perceptions of space inside a room.

Multiple hues can be combined and then lightened or darkened to give an infinite number of color variants. The goal of all of this variety is to help find the balance between these four color concepts and achieve a pleasant look for the house being painted.

If you would like to be envolved in the process of choosing a paint color for your home, begin to be aware of the hues, values, saturations and temperatures that are most appealing to you. Let your instinct be your guide in the decision process as there is no rule book to go by. Each individual knows what they like personally and everyone has different color tastes. Look at other homes and buildings. Look in pictures, magazines and other items with colors that you are drawn to. You will begin noticing different combinations of colors used by others. Looking to what others has done is an excellent reference point. It is always best to choose colors from a large selection verses a small swatch.

Paint manufactures' color charts or painting fan decks are another resource. These are created for color consultants of various paint manufacturers and help a person choose the best combinations of interior or exterior house painting colors.

Once you've chosen your paint colors, paint samples should be applied to a surface of the home to see the real look of the paint when applied to the homes exterior or interior. Colors will be effected by the surrounding environment and never look exactly as they looked on the paint swatch.

Testing the paint color by purchasing a quart of paint before buying gallons of paint can save you time and money.
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