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House Painting and Paint Colors

House Painting with Exterior Colors

A sense of style and design are needed when choosing the exterior house paint colors for your home. Paint colors for the body, trim, and ascents can increase the sense of pride and even the homes value. It is as important as the original architector and landscaping in making your home attractive. And, of course, your neighbors and passers by will thank you as well.

Not all paint colors keep their original color as well as others when exposed to sunlight and harsh weather. Paint is meant to protect your home from the sun and choosing the right color can add years to the endurance of the paint job.

When considering durability when battling UV light, the best exterior colors are neutral to medium. Beige or light to medium browns cover over old paint or stain well and have a better resistance to ultra violet light. Bolder colors like reds and yellows will require multiple coats to cover and will oxidize faster.

House Painting with Interior Colors

Choosing interior paint colors is the first step before you can purchase or apply paint but it can be one of the most difficult parts of the entire house painting project. These color choices will affect the final outcome of your interior design and the other surfaces of the home will change the appearance of the paint color put on the doors, walls and ceilings. The chosen interior paint color scheme should enhance the other colors and texture of your home including your flooring, window tratments, art, accessories, furnishings, decor and all other decorating style.

Color has the ability to change the perceived proportions, space and mood of a room. A room can appear larger, smaller or taller. A lighter ceiling will make the walls appear taller while darker colors may make a room feel more cozy and intimate. From warm to formal, the color choice creates a distinct mood using paint colors and your existing furnishings.

Choosing paint sheen also changes the final look and feel of every room in your home. Many decorative painting ideas are available to you. Many element like accent colors are dramatic, while others are barely noticed.
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