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What is the Best House Stain or Paint?

Exterior Painting tips

Choosing the best product to use is as important as the preparation and techniques used in painting. Paint manufactures are always improving their product line to bring the best performance. Major paint manufacturers offer quality products. Painting contractors have relationships with these companies and understand the products for each application. Some paint manufactures are well known, such as Behr, Kelly Moore, Sherwin Williams, Frazee, Vista, and San Luis Paints. They all offer excellent products but have different strengths and weaknesses.

Wood Stain

Exterior trim and siding are beautified and protected from the elements with quality stain. A wood stain will have strong resistance to the damaging effects of the sun and rain while providing a lasting enhancement of the wood.

This is not easy when a stain is designed to allow the character of the wood's grain to show through the finish. Wood stains can be put into pigment categories, solid, semi-transparent and transparent.

Longevity of Stain Colors

These stains are available as both an oil base and water base product. They are well suited for most uses and provide great results and water protection.

Solid wood stains are heavier in consistency and their application is thicker providing an almost painted appearance. This is the best choice for an application on multiple wood types or if a consistent color is needed.

Solid stains have more pigment and provide the ability to cover imperfections in the wood. These stains will still show the texture of the wood but less grain.

Semi-transparent and transparent stains allow the underlying wood to show through. Semi-transparent stains have low amounts of pigments, typically they have very light consistency and are applied as a thin coating.

Acrylic Paint

Acrylic products have the best qualities and outperform cheaper latex house paints. This paint type gives splatter resistance, easy application, a scrubbable surface, a high resistance to chipping, great longevity plus great color and sheen retention.
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